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Introducing pidbot!

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

JLB Controls is pleased to introduce pidbot™, an innovative new software module for Ignition® SCADA. pidbot offers a smarter way to tune industrial PID controllers, with it's intuitive Tuning Dashboard Component.

A Better Way to Tune

The Tuning Dashboard guides the user through a simple, reliable tuning procedure, with visual feedback during each step.

  1. Record - Bump your process, recording the dynamic response.

  2. Model - Fit a model to the data.

  3. Tune - Simulate PID control of the process. Use the simulation plot and built-in tools to help select the best tuning values.

Tuning Dashboard Screenshots

Why Tune with pidbot?

> Speed & Optimization

Beta testers cited speed and optimization as the top reasons to tune with pidbot. Users can tune in a fraction of the time compared to manual tuning. They also have insight and confidence in the results, which can't be matched by PID "autotune".

> Avoid Disruptions

One quick bump test is all that pidbot needs. The rest of the tuning procedure happens offline. No need to upset your system for hours trying to dial in tuning values.

> Tuning Management

Manufacturing plants evolve constantly due to wear and tear, and deliberate changes. PID tuning should be updated to keep systems running at their best. Unfortunately, tuning can be tough to manage in a busy plant. Hundreds of PID loops may be spread across many PLCs, with different brands, versions, and configurations. pidbot relieves the management burden with one standard, centrally located tuning system.

> Troubleshooting

When control problems happen, troubleshooting staff usually check if tuning was changed. However, tuning changes are usually just a symptom. pidbot brings focus back where it belongs - to the process, with its built-in process modeler. A simple model is created from plant data every time tuning is performed, creating a valuable troubleshooting record. When there is a control problem, pidbot users can see if the process is behaving differently, independent of tuning.

> Simple Integration

Ignition SCADA is built to be modular, which makes pidbot installation simple. Customization such as user restrictions, or integration with HMI screens is all done with the user-friendly Ignition Designer. If you would rather keep your team focused on other priorities, JLB Controls provides turn-key integration and training services.

Don't have Ignition? No problem! Contact JLB Controls for a stand-alone solution.

> Easy to Use

The Tuning Dashboard Component guides users through a simple, intuitive tuning procedure. To make it even easier, the dashboard can be strategically added to HMI screens that personnel are already comfortable with.

> Because it Works

The best reason to use pidbot is because it works very well, for the vast majority of process industry PID applications. Once you try pidbot, you won't want to tune without it!


JLB Controls encourages customers to use the module for free! It's fully functional in two hour free trial mode, which is easily reset when the trial expires. For frequent tuning, its best to purchase a license.  For module license price, please see


JLB Controls wants users to get the most from pidbot. Contact us for help getting started, phone support, or to inquire about turnkey installation and training services.

Start Tuning!

The module has been officially released on the Ignition Module Showcase, and is available to download at Download pidbot, and get tuned up today.


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